After recently taking a voluntary redundancy from work, I’ve found myself in semi-retirement and with plenty of free time on my hands, not exactly bored but I’ve always thought that busy hands are happy hands.
Now some boredom can be very good for you, in small doses it can promote creativity, but I’ve got a pretty low boredom threshold and find I can’t sit around long enough to be bored, so with this sudden free time I’ve decided to start another blog.
My previous blogging experience was during a six month trip around Asia with my beautiful wife Annie. You can find a link to it here.
I really enjoyed the experience and found it gave me an excuse to get out and about, mostly just walking around, and to try looking at things in a different light and to always be on the hunt for things to blog about. Even if it was just a random photo of the day. I’ve heard that we learn at an inverse proportion to the speed in which we’re travelling. If you’re in a plane you’re not going to see anything, if you’re in a car, you’re going to see a few things, if you’re on a bike, you’re going to see a lot more things but if you’re walking,  and you keep your eyes open, you’ll see it all.

Whether or not the same will happen with The Quiet Image only time will tell, it’s predominately going to be a photography blog, that’s what I’m most interested in most, but also I’m hoping it will give me some sense of direction, a purpose even, a reason to get out of bed and head out there exploring again, mostly on foot, that’s the best way to see the most.

I hope you enjoy the trip with me.

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  1. The journey is thus far beautiful. I hope it can sustain its beauty and also increase to be interesting and exciting. All the best.

  2. Hi Ross
    A new blog sounds perfect for you; I tried it even before we became expats 6 months ago and it’s been very helpful mentally; it’s been a tough 17 months of not working and like you I never sit around long enough to be bored; We close escrow tomorrow so we’re soon finally on our way. I will follow your new adventures and I hope you follow along with us
    Rob and Diane

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